No license issue in Cubase 7.5 since upgrader to 12

since I upgraded to Cubase 12 on newest PC my dongle no longer works for Cubase 7.5 on older laptop. The dongle is fine but Cubase Pro is no longer listed.
How can I resurrect the Cubase licenses below 12 on my dongle.
There is no problem with my dongle itself.


I don’t mind 12 without dongle though I still need dongle for some plugins. But I like to refer back to projects running 32 bit plugins back when I used Cubase 7.5 and below. Without Cubase on the dongle I can’t open these projects on the machine the older plugins are installed.

Do I simply need to re-authorise Cubase 11 or 7.5 on the dongle? Or will that mess up Cubase 12 when I used dongle with it?

Have you the latest available version of the eLCC installed on the laptop? Have you run the “Maintenance”?

What shows for a license on the USB-eLicenser with the “newest PC”?


On the older laptop make sure you have the latest eLCC License Database installed, please.