No license to upgrade found

Hello! I bought Dorico 5 a month ago, upgrading from Dorico 3.5. My free trial expired, I wanted to activate Dorico when I received email notifications already, but have always faced this problem.

I follow the verification procedure proposed in an email I got (and also instructions on the website) but after entering the activation code my eLicenser Control Center sends the message (see photo):

“No license to upgrade found. Please connect a USB e-Licenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer.”

I thought I should sign in with my Dorico 3.5 license first, but I cannot get a new activation code, because I received none via email (can’t remember how I activated the programme at first, it was two years ago already). I am not yet signed in, because I bought Dorico 5 along with a new computer (the old one does not function anymore).

Please, if someone could help! Thanks!

Is Dorico 3.5 listed in your MySteinberg account? If so, you should be able to reactivate your license there. Here you’ll find some more information about it:

No, unfortunately. There’s only Dorico 5 listed…

Even if you click on “Show eLicenser-based products” there’s no entry? Dorico 3.5 and 5 are listed on separate pages due to the different licensing technologies.

This is all I see:

Did you register Dorico 3.5 with the same account or could it perhaps have been another one? Is the “eLicenser” section shown in your screenshot empty as well?

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Yes, I registered Dorico 3.5. with the same account, I have the old confirmation in my email so it must have been the same account, and I also bought Dorico 5 as an upgrade…

This is what the eLicenser section looks like:

Ok, then I’m out of ideas and it’s probably a case for the Steinberg support team to get this sorted.

Ok, thanks!

I’m no expert on installation, but the elicencer is no longer used (from D4 onwards). I think you need Steinberg Activation Manager to manage licences.

Certainly Janus (and SDA is needed as well, to insert the code) but also eLC should be active because D3.5 uses it and it’s an upgrade from D3.5 to D5!

I use Steinberg Activation Manager, but it then opens eLicenser…

edit: sorry, SDA opens the eLicenser

Yes, in order to upgrade your license to Dorico 5, you need to be able to select the Dorico 3.5 one in the eLicenser Control Center. But since it isn’t listed there, someone has to fix this first. Otherwise, the upgrade code can’t be applied.

You say:

So,… do you mean that you have no active license? Then you can’t upgrade; you have to buy a full license!
Or did I misunderstand what you said?

No no, I have a license, I bought it but I didn’t manage to activate it yet. I didn’t even know I was using the free trial, then I got the email but couldn’t activate Dorico 5 and now the trial expired and I really must solve the issue…

Software/license activation & reactivation – Steinberg Support

I don’t get this. Do you have a v3.5 full license; which you have to have to be able to use an upgrade license? The v5.0 upgrade license can’t be use if you don’t have a license of lower number.
Your picture (in the first post) indicates that you don’t have an active v.3.5 license, so you need to buy a full license; not an upgrade.

I bought Dorico Pro 3.5 in 2021.
My old computer, containing the software, broke down a month ago.
I bought a new computer and Dorico Pro 5 (upgrade from Dorico Pro 3.5.).
I installed Dorico Pro 5, not knowing I didn’t verify my license.
I started receiving email from Steinberg regarding the verification.
I tried to verify the license but the upper issue would always appear - there is no license available but I have the license!

The problem is probably that I should activate Dorico Pro 3 .5 on the new computer first. But I can’t get a download access code or a new activation code. This happens when I put the activation code from Dorico Pro 3.5. into the eLicenser:

I have no idea how to redeem an activation code. As much as I know, the download access code is only possible to redeem in Mysteinberg. But the email from 2021 (after I bought Dorico Pro 3.5.) includes no download access code, only an activation code.

Vid: you don’t have to install D3.5 on your computer. If you had the license on the USB you could just insert it in its port. If you had the software license and this is lost with the old machine, you have to get back that license. Ask for support!

To understand your status you can open MySteinberg and look at your licenses.

So what is then the problem? Why won’t Dorico 5 activate? I should still activate Dorico 3.5. license in order to upgrade it to D5 or what? Sorry, I’m very lost here.