"No License to Upgrade Selectable", elicenser will not validate

upgraded to cubase 13 about a month ago.

today get a “5 days grace period” notification, because of course something didn’t work right with the absurd amount of programs i have to install, connect to the internet, activate, just to have a daw that works.

i had to find some buried process via googling just to get elicenser to start as it is.

so, in 5 days i can’t work anymore:

because freshly installed eLicenser doesn’t want me to update.

anyone have any ideas?

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You are showing the eLicenser Control Panel in the screenshot. Cubase 13 doesn’t use it anymore, did you start the Activation Manager and activated it?

activation manager shows “activated” and i still got the grace period dialog.

Contact Steinberg Support. The update has already been applied to your eLicenser licence, so this is not a case of you needing to do the eLicenser upgrade step. No self-help is possible and you must work with Steinberg Support to resolve the issue.