No License To Upgrade Selectable message of doom, Upgrade to Dorico 5 Pro

I bought an upgrade from Dorico 4 to Dorico 5 Pro, received a Download Access Code, but after downloading have been plagued by demands to ‘Verify your Pending License’, when the code is rejected with ‘No License To Uograde Selectable’. I have written to Steinberg Support (ticket ID# 620084, sent April 2nd) but heard nothing. I suspecteded I might have made an error when downloading so uninstalled and tried to start again but get the same eLicencer rejection as when I tried to verify before, only now even before downloading. What now?

Dorico 4 and 5 don’t use the eLCC elicenser.

What happens when you launch the app?
What happens if you launch Steinberg Activation Manager?

Currently re-downloading. Instruction says to “Click on ‘Enter your Download Access Code’ and enter the Download Access Code(s) shown below”. Up pops window enter code. Code entered, says ’ do you want upgrade’, click yes, eLicenser pops up and after clicking continue it says ‘No License To Uograde Selectable’.

Activation manager says Dorico Pro 5 Verification Pending, above that Dorico Pro 4 ‘Activation Limit Reached’ and another button, ‘Trial Expired’. I’ve been using Dorico 4 on another computer for ages with no problems.

So first thing you should do is log in to your Steinberg Account, open your profile, select Products and deactivate the computer you don’t need.

Thanks, I’ve done that and updated. Following the steps it still says ’ No License to Upgrade Selectable’. I might have made the mistake of selecting upgrade from Dorico 3.5 or older while I’ve been using Dorico 4 for at least a year. It wasn’t an option at purchase of Dorico 5 Pro as far as I can remember.

Once one updates from version 3.5 to a more recent version, the eLicenser says “no license to upgrade” that one cannot use that 3.5 license to upgrade to 4 or 5 more than once.

As soon as one has installed the upgrade to 4, only the Activation Manager is needed to hold one’s authorizations to new versions. Unless one has some legacy VST’s that still need to use the eLicenser (very rare by now, I imagine), the eLicenser is out of the picture.

…but the instructions given are based entirely on eLicense software and I’m not buying Dorico 4 twice over, so it’s the end of the line.

I will see what happens when my grace period ends tomorrow, but I’m not hopeful.

So now I have ‘Verification Pending Expired’ with a ‘more info’ button that sends me to the page linked in the previous message. I downloaded the eLicenser link from Steinberg but it only functions with the old activation code (8 groups of four).
I have gonme back to the download assistant, re-entered the download access code, and still get eLicence “No Licence to Upgrade Selectable”. I now have no clue as to how to proceed. Any clues? Can I go back to Dorico 4 and get a refund?

…I also clicked the verification link of course - same result.

If you bought a wrong upgrade, you will need to ask for a refund.

Just to clarify - when you bought your upgrade to v5, was it an upgrade from v3.5 (or earlier) or an upgrade from v4? If you bought an upgrade from v3.5 then that won’t work for a v4 licence - v3.5 and v4 use different licensing systems, and the upgrade will be looking for a licence to upgrade in the old system. If that is the case I think you will need to get a refund and purchase the correct upgrade.

Dominy, I suspect the problem might be that you have multiple Steinberg ID accounts. Your Dorico Pro 4 license is associated with the Steinberg ID that you are using for your forum account, but I don’t see a pending verification Dorico Pro 5 in there. I suspect that you have attempted to associate your Dorico Pro 5 update with a different Steinberg ID account. Please send me a direct message (click on my name and then click the Message button) to let me know which other Steinberg ID accounts you might be using.

Hi Daniel, thanks for replying. I now have contact with Ed Doll who is organising a refund. My problem has been that I updated from version 3.5 or older when I should have done so from Dorico 4, not realising the pitfalls. It might be worth posting a warning of some kind on this subject but the fault is entirely mine!