No license to Upgrade Selectable upgrade from cubase 11

OK so…ive got Cubase Pro 11 purchased Cubase Pro 12 upgrade, gone through the whole process, entered activation code in Download Assistant, activated it in the Activation Manager and had go through smoothly until… i generated the code for the eLicenser it confirms saying it recognized correctly, then I have to pick an Upgradable License but they all got a red circle crossed out saying…'No license to upgrade found. Please connect A USB-eLicenser which containsan appropriate license to upgrade to your computer". Im stuck not sure what to do and no idea where to turn to

Plug your eLicenser in?

its plugged in, the computer recognizes it

If it’s activated successful in the activation manager, you don’t need to do anything with eLicenser.

Btw, structured text improves the readability… and commas can change the meaning.

ok thanks for the help! so its ok that it says Verification Pending expires on 2023-03-11 should keep working after that?

Hmm, no should be activated instantly.
Maybe you need to verify online in your MySteinberg account that C12 is registered correct.

Your Cubase Pro 11 license is grace period eligible, which means that you can upgrade to Cubase Pro 12 for free. If you purchased an upgrade to Cubase Pro 12, then you can’t apply the upgrade because you technically already have Cubase Pro 12.

Please follow the instructions on this page, click the Steinberg Licensing button:

If the grace period check goes through, please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund on the Cubase Pro 12 upgrade license.

Cant believe it it worked …THANKS SO MUCH for the efforts , i wouldn’t of figuered it out without yas, thanks again!