No license to upgrade selectable - upgrade to Dorico 4


I understand this should be a matter of a support ticket, however, I wrote to support a week ago but didn’t receive any reply yet, and the license will seem to expire soon, leaving me with Dorico 3.5 until it gets resolved. If you still think this is an inappropriate place to create the thread in, my apologies and I will make sure to remove it.

The problem is as follows: once trying to use the activation code to upgrade Dorico from 3.5 to 4, the list shows me no licenses. It appears to be the correct license (as shown in the first picture, it says it is an upgrade for Dorico Pro 3.5 Educational, the license I have on my PC).

I searched a lot, but all tutorials and people having issues regarding this were related to incorrect upgrades, which doesn’t seem to be my issue. I have reinstalled eLCC a dozen times, performed Online Sync & Maintenance, reinstalled Activation Manager, logged out, logged in, and even downloaded and used Installation Helper a couple of times, but nothing seemed to work.

One piece of information that may be useful: Once using Download Assistant, it says, “The eLicenser ControlCenter cannot be launched.”, which could be a sign that something is heavily broken on my end.

Am I doing something wrong? I even tried the activation from the e-mail but got more-less the same result.
If someone has any idea on how to proceed with this, I would be very grateful!

Hi Patrik and welcome!

It seems your 3.5 license has been correctly updated to 4, meaning you don’t need eLicense control center anymore, IIRC.
You should use the new Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) app to manage your Dorico 4 license. Have you tried it?

Hello, and thank you very much for responding!

That is interesting, where does it say my license has been updated to 4? eLCC says it is on 3.5, I’ve been receiving e-mails to activate Dorico 4, and I can see “Not yet activated” under “My products” at

Yes, I have used SAM, even logged out, logged in, and clicked on “Activate”, but that didn’t seem to do anything and it still says “Verification Pending”. Everything is up to date, too.

On the first picture you posted, your Dorico 3.5 shows “upgraded to Dorico 4”… I thought it was quite clear you already updated it. But I might be wrong, I am just a fellow Dorician :wink:
No doubt someone from the Team will respond, it’s the best support you can find :ok_hand:
Have you checked your MySteinberg account? Everything should show up there. Then the SAM simply mirrors what’s on that site, and allows Dorico to run without “calling home”.

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@MarcLarcher has nailed it!

Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have access to the license database, so I can’t check the status of the licenses in your account - one of my colleagues will have to help you with that - but can I just check you’re on the most recent version of SAM? It should be 1.4.0. Also, as Marc says, it would be good to know what your MySteinberg account says.

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Thank you for the reply, too!

Yes, I’m on the latest version of SAM (, and everything is up to date; I did log out, logged in and clicked on “Activate” just in case again, but that didn’t seem to change anything, unfortunately.

When it comes to the MySteinberg account page, this is how it looks (after clicking “Activate”):

There isn’t any possibility that you may have more than one Steinberg ID, is there? I just want to be sure that your permanent v4 licence hasn’t been created in a different account from the one you’re logged into SAM with.

I found I activated Cubase Elements two years ago using my older e-mail account, but both Dorico purchases have been made on this account.

Your Dorico 3.5 license is grace period eligible, which means that you can upgrade to Dorico 4 for free. If you purchased a Dorico 4 upgrade, then you can’t apply the upgrade because you technically already have Dorico 4.

Please follow the instructions in this page, click the Steinberg Licensing button:

If the grace period check goes through, please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund on the Dorico Pro 4 updade license.

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Case closed! It’s been upgraded!

Thank you so so much, all this time, I thought it meant I was able to use Dorico 4 for 30 days, not knowing this was an option.

Thank you, everyone, again for the help! :slight_smile:

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