No License to upgrade selectable

Hi, I recently purchased a steinberg ur 12 interface. It came with a copy of cubase ai 8. I installed and registered everything with no problem. A screen asking me to upgrade to cubase 8.5 pro popped up and i decided to purchase it and downloaded the program. I was issued a soft elicense for the cubase ai 8 version, and realized i had to go and purchase a usb elicenser. I was emailed an activation code for the newer version and when i tried to activate it said i had no upgradeable license. I moved my soft license to the usb and tried again and still no luck. any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

Is it definitely the correct update…you didn’t accidentally buy a Pro 8 to 8.5 update or an Artist to Pro update for example??

Yes it was the wrong update, I had to pay again for the correct version. Thanks