no license to upgrade selectable

I put in my license, i press continue and then it shows me that messege on the topic.
can anyone please help?

You need to give some more specifics. At least what version of Cubase you are trying to upgrade from/to. Is your software registered in your MySteinberg account? Do you have the USB eLicenser connected?

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Often, when I see a similar post it turns out the poster bought the wrong update. Sometimes just by mistake and other times if they didn’t realise they had a grace period update already.
Look at the name of the license you already have in control centre and make sure the upgrade is from that exact version.

I downloaded cubase 9 with a license that i bought new.
I want to upload a screenshot but the file is too big…

  1. Where did you buy it? Where did you get the download?
  2. What is the exact name of the installer file?

If you bought the license “new” (which I interpret as this is your first Cubase) and you get a message saying, “no license to upgrade selectable”, then you bought the wrong software / license

If you bought a full version of Cubase9 new to download then you will also need to have a usb dongle. Do you have the dongle ? From my understanding you can’t buy a full version from download, only upgrades.

Also you title says ‘No licence to UPGRADE selectable’ This would suggest you didn’t buy a full Cubase but got an upgrade from an earlier version.

A little more info would go a long way in finding out you problem.