No licensing

Hi I have just upgraded from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 and cannot register the product. The licenser is saying I have no products to upgrade and that my usb dongle is empty.I have re-registered them online. Has anyone else had this use. This happens to me everytime I upgrade to a new cubase.

Are you saying that you looked at the elc window and didn’t see your Cubase 11 license?

I think that you likely already upgraded the license and now you have to use a new application to register Cubase 12 which is called the “Steinberg Activation Manager.” So one portion is getting your license upgraded, then the other portion is to use the Steinberg Activation Manager to authenticate Cubase 12. If I were to guess, I’d say that the reason you don’t see a license to upgrade is because it’s already been upgraded. Now simply try to use the activation manager and see if it shows up in there.

I think the activation manager was missing for me during my original Cubase 12 installation so I downloaded it from this link manually:


Cubase 11 “what” to Cubase 12 “what”?

LE, AI, Elements, Artist, Pro … ?

Is it the Soft-eLicenser or the USB-eLicenser we are talking about here?

Is it really empty? If not, what is the actual license you currently have showing in the eLCC?