No Line 6 or ASIO4ALL found!


I am having an issue with my ASIO drivers. The only choice I have is “Generic Low Latency Driver” this just seems to have happened overnight and I’m not sure why. The most recent change I have made to my system is…I purchased some WAVES Plug-ins on Cyber Monday that I installed through their Waves Central installation. I didn’t have time to check them out before I had to go to work so today was the 1st time I was going to play around with them. Now when I try to pull up a different ASIO driver through the VST connections there’s nothing there but the generic one…any ideas?



Try to reinstal the ASIO driver, please.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply! I have re-installed both drivers. Neither are an option. Weird deal! It was working great, I’ve never had an issue with the ASIO drivers.

try to find the offline configurator and configure asio4all to use a soundcard, if that is done, it should pop-up when choosing the asio4all driver.

By the way why not just getting a real hardware asio soundcard? Could save you headaches :wink:

For a temp fix try running Cubase as administrator. You probably won’t want to do that permanently though.
The obvious thing to try would be uninstalling the waves plugs and report back whether it is caused by them.

VST connections (F4) ?
That is not where you choose the driver to use, but where you assign the ins/outs should go, after you have chosen the ASIO driver in devices.

Problem Solved! I uninstalled and then reinstalled my Line6 UX8 and Cubase found the driver for it! Thank you to all who replied! I appreciate it!!