No Linux? :(

Dear friends,

I just got a brand new CI1. Tested it under Windows and it works fine. Went back to my primary OS, Linux Ubuntu 11.04, and the interface is not recognized as an audio interface (aplay -l)

I googled the subject (too late, I admit) and it seems other linux users haven’t had any luck with the CI1 either.

Should I return the unit? Or is there a workaround?


I don’t think there currently is a solution for your problem. The interface might work some day with a lot of community effort but you can’t expect much help from Steinberg there.

Steinberg saves enormous amounts of money by using OpenSource software in all areas of the company and noteworthy parts of all of Steinberg software products are taken from or have origins in the OpenSource scene around Linux and BSD.

Nonetheless Steinberg seems to hate Linux (or even OpenSource software in general) down to the bottom of the heart. So I’d return the interface if you rely on having the device running under Linux now. There are enough alternatives out there (rme, m-audio/avid, roland/cakewalk , native instruments, presonus etc).

Thanks. It’s really a bummer, since I bought it to record guitar videos and KDEnlive for Linux is my favorite video editor.

BTW, after I posted here, I went back for other tests under Win7 and seems the CI1 can’t cooperate with my Webcam. Pops and clicks appear everywhere, even at the highest buffer settings. My Behringer UCA202, which cost 1/5 of the price, works flawlessly in that department.

I don’t really understand what your audio interface has to do with a webcam? :confused:

Me neither. Probably it means the CI1 is either a) a resource hog or 2) not suitable to use with other USB devices (I think I read someone say his CI1 wouldn’t work properly if his USB network card was plugged in).

Quick followup, I returned the CI1 and will probably not buy another Yamaberg product anytime soon.

I like both brands but this interface was a major letdown.

You can check here to get some idea of the interfaces that play well with Linux:
I’ve had good results with cards from E-MU, Echo, Behringer and RME.

Thanks! I’m currently considering a Mackie Onyx Blackjack.

You should contact Mackie as to whether it will work with Linux at all, because they only list Windows and Mac as officially supported. Consider this as well: E-MU 0404 USB, which is listed as fully supported on ALSA (and therefore JACK). Haven’t had an opportunity to try it myself but other cards with the same chip work fine.

The blackjack reportedly works on Linux and is supposed to have really good preamps for the price. Plus, it’s really sturdy.

This sounds like a good choice. Please report your findings when you get the device. :slight_smile: