No listed patches within HalionOne 'GM Drum Content'


I hope someone can help me out on this one.

For just one PC out of 17, I’m having issues getting Halion to list the patches available for the ‘GM Content’ and ‘GM Drum Content’ folders, when using a specific domain account.

The following is true;

  1. All HSB files are present within C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase Studio 4\VSTPlugins\Synth\HALionOneHSB
  2. If I log onto the PC with a non-student account, the patches are listed.
  3. If I log onto a different PC with the same account I am using on the affected machine (a student account), the patches are listed.

All of this screams permissions, but I have checked all relevant folders, and have ensured that the account used is a member of the groups which have rights to use Cubase and its files. Permissions on all Steinberg related folders do not differ between PCs.

I have right-clicked Halion, and selected ‘locate contents’ and then pointed towards a folder containing the HSB files in question. Doing this does not yield any successful results.

Any ideas?!

Is there no-one that has come across this? Anyone?