No "live" control of VST instruments

Hi All

Having an annoying problem, hope someone can help. Since updating to Cubase 7.5 I don’t get any live control of VST instruments. I can record midi and then hear audio on playback, but there’s nothing as I play. Also there’s no sound when clicking the keys of the piano roll. I made a short video to show it in action:

Not sure if it’s something that I’ve changed somewhere inadvertently, but I can’t for the life of me fix it. Loading up Cubase 7 everything works as it should. I even tried reinstalling 7.5 but no joy.

Anyone any ideas?

goto preferences
-midi filter
-remove the tick in the box note for through and record…

Press the ‘monitor’ button.

Thats was it! I remember now trying that for something else (getting Maschine2 working since the update) and didn’t change it back after. Thanks!