No live EQ spectrum


I’m using the stock EQ in the channel strip.
After having copy paste a track, to use SpectraLayers and then A/B test, I come to a situation when the EQ is not working anymore on my new track, nor the rest of the channel strip.
But looking closer, i noticed that the first track, that is mute, actually has the channel strip and the EQ still working, i can see the spectrum moving.
How is that even possible?! it’s muted.
Any idea?

so what’s your question exactly?
the mute button is at the end of the signal chain

Found the reason!
I don’t know if it’s normal, but on the track that is live / i’m listening to, that didn’t have the EQ spectrum live / moving, I moved the channel strip after the Insert (I was playing around with the strip position in the signal chain), it’s back.
And on the other that is mute, i guess it’s normal that the EQ still moves, even if there is no sound going on in the output routing.

Because the mute is after the EQ.