No love for Win10 1903?

I am running OS 1903 on my desktop and after a few adjustments, mostly dealing with Microsoft Security, I have arrived at a good performing DAW with Cubase10. I ran the LatencyMon for almost 4 hours after putting things into Airplane mode, another issue, IMO. (The Airplane mode is basically turning Wi-Fi off temporarily, but not the same as being completely disconnected from an internet connection.) I think this is key to getting better latency numbers because - again, IMO - Microsoft has created Win10 with a different end user in mind, not an offline DAW user per se.

I have read posts on the forum that speak badly of the 1903 update and I think these complaints are not based on a good PC set up. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of my 3+ hour runtime in LatencyMon with the app set to the default ‘Interrupt to DPC latency’. No, I’m not trying to establish myself as a 1903 poster boy. What I want is for ppl to quit complaining about Win10 1903 because there’s nothing wrong with it. Like with any DAW OS, it’s just setting things up.

Wi-fi adapters are probably one of the most common causes for real-time latency issues for sure

After an upgrade anyone can run into any kinds of problems? It’s mostly hardware related and thus very unpredictable. The fact that it works for you is proof enough that it’s not an issue related to 1903. Maybe in the long run LTSB is a better choice for musicians? People need to make living. We just can’t have this poop of “will it work or not?” uncertainty every 6 months!

Working great for me. I’d say it’s the best Win 10 so far :smiley: