No marker track?

There’s no marker track?

… can you please tell us a workflow for which a marker track is needed?

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During rehearsal for example to start quickly from a different point when no parts is needed, but in program there’s for song “do something” at end marker (what is this marker?) and in preference “default track” marker

A Marker track is a different thing - basically, the Lyrics Track is a “Marker” track.
What you want are project markers. Left and right locators are Markers 1 and 2, where you can jump anytime. We may add more Markers later.

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Hi, you can create a part at that point, only mute the default layer.
It’s like a marker for rehearsal, works fine, with preroll on.

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Thanks for the tip!
You can also delete the Layer now (preference “Layer/No default Layer”) if you want to use Parts as Markers only.

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