No matter where I search or what I try CubaseAI4

Okay, no matter what I do to change my bus or even downloading ASIO4ALL or whatever it’s named –

I still get the error Direct x full sound blah blah

I can only get sound from one channel; my left…

Seriously somebody please give me a step by step because this is ridiculous and I cannot resolve the issue


What audio interface do you use?
Did you select the correct ASIO driver in device setup?

No idea what you mean by that, brother. Are you able to dumb it down a little bit

I used to run my cubase ai4 with my yamaha mw10c through my desktop(hella old, like windows xp)

Now I’m trying to run it through my Toshiba laptop with windows 7. Which ASIO driver is it supposed to be, because I’ve tried all of them that appear

Sorry :wink:
You answered my question anyway, the yamaha mw10c is your audio interface. (you’re using it with USB right?)
In that case, try this:

Let us know if that solves your problem.