No MediaBay Preview

Hello all,
I know this has been covered quite comprehensively I’m aware of the solution found in this YouTube video

BUT, this solution isn’t working for me in Cubase 10.0.50 on Windows 10.
Frustratingly enough Mediabay preview appears to work perfectly fine on Cubase 9.5 using the same sound settings.

Just to clarify I’m not using the control and have diabled it, but I’ve been having this issue for the last month and my production has come to a halt!

Would anyone know of any other reason why i cannot preview in MediaBay. I’ve eliminated it being a hardware issue as the MediaBay preview works on when load Cubase 9.5 which is on the same laptop I’m using.

Your advice and help is much appreciated.


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„Preview through phones channel“ activated in preferences?


Many thanks for your reply… Are you referring to Edit tab - then preferences?!

I’ve tried this but no luck.

Should be deactivated.

The video referred to in the OP is not from Steinberg, and is five years old,so does not apply. :wink:

Clean install of Cubase 10 and all plug ins.
Back in working order as it should be.

Been working on it all night - main thing is, I’m back up and running now.

All replies much appreciated - thank you!