no mention of the new 1.76 driver here

Just thought I’d mention that there’s been a new MR driver update since December that’s NOT mentioned here.

1.75 is the latest listed here but it’s actually 1.76 on the link below which s fully windows 8.1 ready.

Bizarre really???


Yeah, SB don’t seem to post news about updates for Hardware, Apps and so on in the central “Announcements” section of the Forum.

Defeats the whole purpose of the “Announcements” section IMO…

Don’t get it at all.

there were some Bizarre things going on regarding small driver updates with CC121 also. they upload new driver with no mention then it disappeared and so on…
anyway i reverted to Mixed MR1.7.5 tools with newest FW driver… i had problems with “Device not found” messages after some time MR was turned on on WIN7.
But if i’m not mistaken i think steinberg did mention about 1.76 update on the news column.

im not sure untill now if it was the problem cuz i did some physical cleaning to FW ports on MR and Computer, but anyway its fine now so im with the older driver which anyway work well with Win7