No meters for EuCon channels on System5 hybrid console

After installing Nuendo 7 I have no meters on MONO EuCon channels showing up on the Avid System5 hybrid console.
It’s fine for stereo channels…
I’m using EuCon WS 3.2 and everyhting works fine in Nuendo 6.5 and previous versions, but not in Nuendo 7.
Is this a N7 bug or how can I fix this?

on your controller select input meters and then back output meters and you should be fine. Unless your mono channel is routed to a mono group, and then you have a problem.

This is for a System 5, not a System 5 MC, so it’s not the same.
I don’t find an “input meters” or “output meters” option on the S5 menus or its EuCon pages (which page number?).
There are also no meters for mono output channels.
The channels are not routed to a mono group but directly to physical outputs.