No meters, no audio.

In this one project, when I push play, the cursor moves but I get no sound and the meters don’t move, even though there are audio clips/events in tracks… the only meter that moves is one in the midi track, but the instrument (superior 2.0) it goes to apparently gets no information either.
I’ve also noticed that when I try to edit inserts in the output bus, it takes a long long time.

I’ve checked my audio settings in cubase and the control panel, everything seems alright. I have no idea what could be causing this.

Check correct asio driver selected.
Check in vst connections the correct outputs are there.
In the mixer routing view check your channels are routed to stereo out not to no output.

If all this is correct chances are a dodgy vst plug is causing it…remove plugs to track it down or rename the vst plugs folder to quickly check if this is the problem.

All other projects work. I checked everything you said, it’s all good.

I’ll have to see about the vst plugs…

This just happened to me too, straight after installing the latest Window 7 updates, did you too or was that just a coincidence?

Also worth checking do you have a Saffire? I just switched driver to a generic one and I get sound. Switch back to Saffire and nothing

Panic over, and probably means mine was not related to your problem. I reset my Saffire (power off for 30 secs) and it did the trick. Good luck with finding your problem

Saffire as in Focusrite Saffire?

I do, the USB one. I haven’t attempted switching drivers. I wonder if it’s a Saffire thing…

Though I also noticed that the second stereo out from Superior 2.0 doesn’t sound (nor do the meters move), even though it’s enabled and there’s sound being routed there.

Yes I have a focusrite saffire although mine is firewire. Your symptoms are just like mine so worth trying to switch driver and see what happens, that should determine if it is the saffire ( or drivers )

I tested it, I don’t get any sound either way. Though they suddenly decided to work, but not Superior