No Metronome (I've read ALL the other posts!)

Hi All,

I’m using Cubase Elements 9.5 and a Focusrite 2i4.
I’ve setup the 2i4 as I’m getting audio just fine in Cubase.
I’ve enabled the metronome, set it to audible during count-in/recording/playback and I’ve set it to generate the click as audio (no MIDI).
Everything else is how others have said it should be, except for when I look in the Audio Connections screen, I don’t see a ‘Click’ column… so I can’t enable it :frowning: Why can’t I see it?

Thanks for any help in advance!

The click column has been moved to the Metronome Setup window. It’s now an option called “Select Audio Click Outputs”.

If the “Select Audio Click Outputs” option doesn’t show up, press F4 and create a dummy output bus, then open the Metronome Setup window again.

Thanks!!! That worked :smiley: Is this a known bug that will be resolved? Seems strange to need to create a dummy bus when I already had a Stereo out bus.