No MIDI feedback using Quick Controls

I have a Behringer BCR2000 MIDI controller connected to my PC on Port 8 of a Motu MIDI Express 128 interface. In the Quick Controls tab of the Cubase 7 Device Setup window, I have set both the MIDI Input and MIDI Output fields to Port 8 on my Motu. I have set up the Address field of each Quick Control to match those of 8 knobs on the BCR2000 and I can use them to change values in Cubase without problem.

However, when it comes to MIDI feedback from Cubase to the BCR2000, there is a problem… there is no feedback when changing tracks (with different values on the 8 Quick Controls) or when manually changing the Quick Controls (or the connected plug in controls). In fact, I can see that there is no feedback coming from Cubase on Port 8 of the Motu because it has a light that lights up when it senses a signal on each port and it never lights. The corresponding light on the Port 8 input does light up as expected when I move a knob on the BCR2000.

Apparently, the BCR2000 can only receive MIDI feedback when not using the USB interface (as in my case) in one mode: Stand Alone Mode S-3. I have set it to run in this mode. It also has a MIDI In indicator which never lights, so I’m fairly sure that the problem is in Cubase and not the hardware or cables. So, can anyone shed some light on this problem for me? I’d love to actually be able to use the Quick Controls without always having to make a note of the value in Cubase before I tweak. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

One other thing to note is that I am aware that I can use the USB interface modes on the BCR2000 and get MIDI feedback, but I’ll lose the MIDI connections. The BCR2000 is currently connected to the Motu so that I can control other MIDI hardware and I will lose this ability when using the various USB interface modes. I have a Nord Modular G2 Engine that has no user interface, so it is essential that I can use the BCR2000 in the Stand Alone mode so that I can control this, among other things. Unfortunately, this cannot be the solution.