No MIDI Feedback

No matter if there is a MIDI output configured or not - there is no Feedback.
Which ends up in jumping values for encoders (e.g. for QCs) , when switching between different parts.

Can you pls. elaborate what exactly you are talking about?

I can only send MIDI to VST live. But it doesn’t send Midi back to the controller. So the encoder doesn’t know what value the new parameter has, when switching to another part. So when I turn the encoder the value of the mapped parameter jumps to the value the encoder had, when I turned it last time.

I tried it with Akai MPK mini and with Maschine studio. The Maschine doesn’t work at all, because VST live doesn’t recognize maschines virtual midi ports. The Akai world, but doesn’t get any information from VST live.

That’s correct, Actions don’t yet send values and states. That will be added later, sorry.

Okay, I just edited my reply. Any idea on how to get the virtual inputs from Maschine to show up?