no midi in

I’ve been a Cubase user since the old Atari days and never experienced this before:
After updating to Cubase 8 my midi is not working.
I can’t play my VSTI from my midi keyboard (NI Komplete Kontrol s 61)?
I have sound in the VSTI, because I can trigger the VSTI itself with the mouse. Therefore I know that it is also not a monitor issue.
The build in keyboard in the transport control is not working too.

Audio files are playing alright.

Any of you experienced this? Or know how to solve it?

I have midi on my other DAW’s (Ableton live 9 + NI Maschine 2)

Ole/Dubtrack Music

Setup: IMAC, Yosemite w/32 GB Ram, NI Komplete Kontrol s 61, ICon Qcon pro Controller, Steinberg UR 824, NI Maschine Controller, Ableton Push Controller.