No midi Input via lightning with ios8.0.2

I just updated from ios7 the to iOS 8.0.2:
Bad idea! Since now the midi input via lightning Connector no longer works with cubasis.
Garage band seems to have the same issue, but only sometimes.
SampleTank still works in mid input most of the time, but not always.
my hardware is actually a Behringer is202 and a appleconnetor-to-lightning adapter for my iPad mini.
Other midi hardware connected via wireless LAN wireless works as before with Cuasis.
Does anyone have similar problems? Or even a solution?
Kind regards

Hi Bodote,

we are sorry to hear about your issue.

Cubasis 1.8.2 has been tested on iOS 8 with Appleā€™s lightning to USB camera adapter regarding MIDI functionality and worked fine.

Since you are referring to several apps that seems not to work at your end I suggest to get in touch with Behringer about the issue.

Hope that helps,