No Midi Input

N7 on Windows 10…Roland UM-One Controller…current drivers…input ports are visible and active.

The midi info gets into my computer…I open a VST stand alone instrument and it works fine…There isn’t any input in Nuendo, however…

Tried a whole bunch of stuff, including:

  1. Moved the files in the Midi Port Enabler up a folder as suggested on the Steinberg website.

  2. Reinstalled UM-One Drivers

  3. Clicked the Timestamp button on Device Setup

  4. Submitted a support ticket – 2 weeks ago. Gotten one response “Are you still having this problem?” Adds to the frustration.

  5. Called Sweetwater support. They also can’t figure out why I’m not getting midi signal into Nuendo.

  6. Pulled hair out in frustration, wondering why I can’t get a simple midi connection to work…

  7. Sighed in defeat and shut computer off, hoping that it would magically work next time I loaded N7.

Forgot to mention midi works flawlessly in Acid, …