No midi notes recording, but sound when not

Hello. I am using Cubase 6, though yes I have plans to upgrade. I think whatever problem I am experiencing is not a bug but some function I need help with.

I’ve used Cubase for years, but haven’t been doing any recording for a while… Just edits. When I went back to trying to record lately, I found that I cannot seem to seem to record any midi events. I have tried various combinations in preferences checking and unchecking boxes for midi and the thru section.

I can play my vst instruments using the “all midi” input. Once I press record however I cannot hear the instruments anymore. I can see midi events being triggered in the transport…

When I press stop, no events are recorded, and of course I couldn’t hear the notes… Not sure why I can play and hear the instruments without engaging record, but when I do the sound is muted and no notes are recorded.

What am I doing wrong. What needs to be enabled?

Certainly a MIDI filter.

What should I have on or off then? I have tried all sorts of combinations having them enabled or not. If I just simply deal with the “note” checkbox itself in preferences / filters, something should happen.

You should have all filters not enabled (apart from SysEx maybe).

I got things to work. At first I could then record notes but still not hear them. Finally after fiddling several times again, I got sound.

The Solution was to have all checkboxes UN-Checked, and to have the numbers 1 to 16 in the same preference menu checked (grey).

So the recording and not hearing notes issue has been solved.

I don’t know if I should post in a different message for the last related question: Using my keyboard controller, everything is now working fine. Using my “yourock guitar synth” it is not. The Yourock for some reason causes and endless loop of note feedback when I play it. The last notes sustain forever til I hit the record tab to clear it off. Using my keyboard does not produce this… The notes stop when they should after I play the last one. Any idea, or should I repost this as another topic? And thanks for the previous answers which led to the solution.