No midi or vst sound following disable of GS wavetable



I’m sure this is probably an easy fix, but I am just starting out and am hoping maybe someone can save me some more long hours of troubleshooting.

Midi controller - focusrite 4i4 (3rd gen) interface - pc via USB. Monitoring via interface.

After experiencing significant monitoring latency with my ESI KeyControl 49, I was searching for a way to reduce this. One method was to disable Wavetable as I read it was quite laggy. However upon doing so, I have lost the ability to hear audio from midi and vst tracks. They still record fine and the signal is always there, just no audio.

I’ve changed the output on the midi track and vst inspectors to my audio interface and back to default for the latter with no change. Audio tracks work fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll also add that I suspect it might be two separate issues as I was able to hear the midi output before disabling wavetable, but not vst.

Do I have to install a new synth like VirtualMidiSynth?

You need some sort of instrument, physical or virtual, to generate audio from MIDI. What about HALion Sonic SE?