No Midi out, no midi thru

I think I nailed it.

I use a Steinberg UR28M audio interface.

I uninstalled everything remotely related to Steinberg, including the UR28M Usb driver and application, re installed Elements 10.30 and it worked using a generic low latency ASIO driver.

As I reinstalled the UR28M proper driver, latest version, it stopped working, no more Midi Out / Midi Thru

Now As I switch between generic Asio driver and UR28M proper driver I realize it’s the UR28M that conflicts. With that doesn’t work, without it it does.

There’s a very surprising incompatibility/conflict between those 3 elements, Cubase Elements, UR28M and Keystep.

Don’t have the faintest idea as to why. I don’t want to give up with Cubase midi editing capabilities, that I love, so I guess I’ll go for another audio board. I might send an invoice to Steinberg for the 3 days it roughly took me to get to the bottom of this . . .

Thanks all for your support / ideas.

Could it be that the keystep-driver conflicts with the UR28M driver?

Could be. Anyone here got that combo ? Keystep + UR28M ?

OK so I switched to the ASIO4ALL driver and everything works fine !
Definitely something wrong with the standard UR28M Asio driver.