No MIDI Output. Can't Playing VSTi with MIDI Keyboard

Hello - I have been able to connect numerous midi keyboards/controllers (Arturia MINILAB, MPC 1000, Roland RS-5) to my MacCubase. It shows a MIDI In signal, however I am getting no MIDI Output and no control of VST Instruments (Halion) with my MIDI Keyboard.

A few things

  1. When I try to record MIDI data - nothing happens. I am able to draw in MIDI data - and it plays back via the assigned VST. But no control of VST by keyboard, and no recording of keyboard data.

  2. Oddly, if I click on a MIDI note (that I have drawn in), then press a note on my MIDI keyboard - it will move the highlighted note (telling me that it is receiving MIDI notes/commands)

  3. I can control, play and hear VST Instruments in other programs (i.e. Analog Lab - by Arturia) but I am unable to do so in Cubase.

I have made sure the MIDI out is assigned to the VST of choice. I have clicked the monitor button. Activated MIDI Thru etc. No luck.

Please help. I am at a loss.

have you “record” armed the track? (the big red button) you mentioned everything but that
midi in - your port/device
midi out - your vsti

Thanks for the reply. I have had the track armed to record. My Midi In is set to “ALL MIDI Inputs” and the Midi Out to the VSTi (Halion, Groove Agent etc). It is odd that I can control the stand alone VSTi (AnalogLab by Arturia) when run outside of Cubase. But neither any of the Steinberg VSTs or Plug In VSTs- so confused.

i would have to assume its a configuration or driver issue. check all with “getting started” help file. check midi channel too should be channel 1 or omni

Your MIDI thru and / or MIDI filter settings are not correct.