No MIDI sends on instrument track?

The instrument tracks doesn’t contain the MIDI Sends tab anymore (Cubase 7.5.20 x64 PC). Is this a known issue?

If the vstX on the instrument track has midi out built in - set the midi input of the new track to receive from vstX.

It’s a known issue that it has yet to be implemented. It’s a long standing feature request though.

Instead of a “send to” which limits the sends to 1-4 per track - we should implement a “receive from” in the inputs.- this way one channel can send to any and all channels

Ah okay, thanks!

That’s a great idea!!


Obviously the “receive inputs” should also be present on any plugin capable of receiving MIDI.
I for instance use the sends to route MIDI data to inserts in the mixer that don’t need a dedicated MIDI track.