No midi signal sometimes when starting Cubase 13


Here is my set up :
Cubase 13 Pro
Arturia Keylab Essential 49 MK3
Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen

I noticed that if I forget to turn on the audio interface before launching Cubase 13, I will not have a midi signal even if I turn on the card in the meantime.

To recover the midi signal I have to close Cubase 13 then restart it (closing and opening a session is not enough).

There isn’t this problem with Cubase 12, I can turn on the Scarlett while Cubase was in use and everything works normally.

Did you try to open Studio setup and check the MIDI ports IN OUT?

Yes, everything seems normal.

I can clearly see the midi in activity at the bottom right but there is no sound.


I will check this tomorrow but I don’t use the MIDI connectors of the Focusrite : the Keylab is directly connected on my PC via USB…

I think there is a problem with Cubase 13 managing USB at startup.

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That’s weird.
If it was Cubase managing USB on startup it wouldn’t neither work the audio card would it?
I mean if the issue persists even after switching the right ASIO and MIDI ports, I don’t use a usb keyboard but that should be shown by MIDI port setup?
It might be a related issue with midi, did you try to switch off and on your Arturia when that happened?


You can plug multiple devices over USB. Keylab is a MIDI device, so you don’t have to use ASIO4ALL to cascade multiple Audio Devices in your case.

Ok, I’m sorry it’s hard to explain.

I don’t use asio4all, just the asio driver of my Scarlett.
But sometimes when starting Cubase 13, there’s no sound from the Keylab. when loading an instrument track with its instrument.

I can see the “midi in” activity at the bottom right but there is no sound.

The only solution then is to completely restart Cubase 13.

I also noticed that this happens systematically if I turn on the Scarlett AFTER launching Cubase.

I never had this problem with Cubase 12.


Is the Key station plugged via USB? Are both of the USB devices powered independently (not via USB)?

Hi Martin,

The Arturia Keylab is only plugged via USB (no other way to plug it) but the Scarlett is powered by AC adaptor in addition to USB.


Could you try to power the Keylab at least by a powered (active) USB hub?

Sorry, I haven’t that.

But now I can clearly reproduce everytime the bug :
Here is what happens in Cubase 13 if I switch on the Keylab once the program is launched : no sound.

Now the same thing but with Cubase 12 : everything is ok.

In both cases however the Keylab seems well connected and recognized by midi remote.

The bug occurs only in Cubase 13 and only if I switch on the Keylab after launching the DAW.


The KeyLab MK3 midi port is in use for the MIDI Remote.

Yes, in both cases.
But why is there no sound with Cubase 13?
I don’t run the 2 programs simultaneously.

Could you try to check if the problem persists enabling Winrt MIDI?

If I enable Winrt it asks me several choices in midi entrance and I don’t know which one to choose.

Anyway thanks for your help but I 'm not looking for a work around.
I just wish Cubase 13 worked like Cubase 12 does.

Right, I agree with your point. I proposed that just to check it out. :grin:

Thanks, I appreciate that ! :slightly_smiling_face: