Hi everybody,

thank you for the attention; i’ll go straight to the point:
I got the Yamaha UR-22mkII audio interface with Cubase LE on my Mac Os Catalina v. 10.15.7. Unfortunately i can’t figure out why any Midi files or Instrument (as Groove agent) doesnt sound.
I tried to go through all the settings but it seems fine; im just wondering if it may be the OS fault.
The point is that there is no Midi signal Input and Output.
I hope someone can help.
Thank You


Have you installed from the Full Installer? Has the library been installed?

What Audio Device do you use? Is the routing of the Audio Connections > Outputs correct? Can you hear any audio signal from the Audio tracks?

Can you see incoming signal to the instrument? Can you see the output meters on the Instrument track? Can you see meters on the Stereo Out channel?