No midi signal to instruments

I’ve purchased Cubase Artist 9.5 and now i get sound when I pay the virtualkeys at the bottom of Halion. But can’t get midi signal to Halion. I’ve connected mu Akai MPK Mini, and it shows up and everything, but Halion midi input shows no activity neither do the event reciver indicator at the . But the indicator in the transporter shows midi activity. I’ve tried every channel *all midi inputs" and so on… But Halion or any other instrument doesn’t reciev midi signal. I can record midi, on a midi channel and have a external midi instrument to play it, that’s no probelm. But I can’t connect my usb-midi keyboard.

I really hope to get help with this! Please!

Try turning the Track’s Monitor button on. When Monitor is on, the track (either audio or midi) will play what is at its input, off it won’t.