No MIDI sound from old recording but same instrument track plays ok from new recording

I’ve loaded a project from a few months back and tried to play back an instrument track with MIDI data (NI Kontakt with Abbey Road modern white kit) but no sound is triggered by those recorded MIDI notes however when I record a section in the middle of the same track and play some random MIDI drum data, they play back fine and the volume indicator shows as normal in the project window on the right of the channel name whereas there’s no volume showing from the old recorded MIDI notes.
I’ve had the situation before where after disabling a track with MIDI data causes the output on that track to be lost but this seems slightly different as the output on the same track is ok for newly recorded notes.
Any ideas please how I can recover the sound for the old recorded notes so I can edit same rather than rewrite the whole track of data?
Happy holidays to you all !


Isn’t the MIDI Part muted by any chance?

The notes in the old part- they have a MIDI channel- maybe that is clashing with the MIDI output set with MIDI track in your new project?


The MIDI Channel of the MIDI events in the MIDI Part is ignored, if the MIDI Track has specific MIDI Channel selected. In this case the MIDI Channel of the track is in use.

If you set MIDI Channel of the track to Any then the MIDI Channel of the MIDI events is in use.

I’m really sorry guys for my forgettfulness (or stupidity, whichever you choose!), You’re right Martin, I had muted the parts after I had rendered in place, before disabling the MIDI track , to ensure they didn’t play in duplicate with the rendrered audio!
I have now renamed those tracks with prefix ‘MUTED PARTS’ to avoid the silly mistake.
Thanks a lot!
I need to work through songs faster so I go through these processess more frequently to become more familiar with each. Actually, I just made an exercise and realised that if I disable the track it is automatically permanently muted so I don’t need to mute the parts. I think I had originally muted the parts rather than disable the track as I had previously had an issue after enabling a track that MIDI output had been lost. Maybe that will relate to Martins last advice about MIDI channel being set to ‘any’. I’ll watch out for that if it happens again.

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