no midi sound

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I need your help please-
I have recently purchased the UR-44, which comes with the Cubase AI-7. I use Roland XP-50 as my keyboard and condenser of RODE. My computer is the new iMAC. All installation went well. I have 2 main problems-

First, I can see the signal of Midi on cubase but I don’t hear sound, I don’t find Roland XP-50 in the list of the device manager, so I picked up jv-1080 and Xp-10 as alternatives, but still no sound comes out (my keyboard is set to “local off” and it is on preferences mode. I do hear sound from my keyboard when I am using UR-44 without opening cubase when my keyboard is set to “Local On” and when it is on Patch mode. In the past I used to work with M-audio and everything was working properly.

Second, I hear the sound from my condenser only when I turn the monitor on on cubase - does it have to be like that? when I use the UR-44 without working with cubase I don’t need any monitor in order to hear it.

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MSH (Meir)

On your MIDI Track (used with the XP-50), have you selected the output MIDI Port that is connected to your XP-50?

If there is no MIDI Device driver for the XP-50, there is no need to select anything. You can simply select the In/Out MIDI Ports on the MIDI Track itself. :slight_smile:

thanks for your respond but I didn’t quite understand -
There is no Midi device driver I found for my XP-50 so I didn’t select any, and that’s is why in the device setup I have chosen UR-44 as IN & OUT. on the midi track I can only select (IN - all midi inputs / UR-44, OUT - UR-44). I did try to add JV-1080 as my device because before It is compatible to the XP-50 and then it appears as an option for output but still no sound only signals…
Can you please be more specific? :slight_smile:

By the way, I do here sound from my keyboard when I add an instrument truck in cubase and choose Halion vst instrument.

The Cubase MIDI Device is only used as a sort of configuration tool for enhancing the operation of a MIDI device.

For the input, you can select “All MIDI Inputs” or UR-44 (the “All…” includes the UR-44 MIDI In) and for the output you would choose UR-44. This is of course contingent on you having your XP-50 connected to the MIDI In/Out of the UR-44. :slight_smile:

This now enables you to transmit a MIDI message from your XP-50 to the UR-44 to Cubase, and you can also now send MIDI message from Cubase to the UR-44 to the XP-50. If you have a MIDI Track for this purpose, you now need to use the Local Off functionality on the XP-50. Local On is for when no router (e.g. Cubase) is used/needed to control the MIDI messages.

You can now create one or more Instrument Tracks that you would set to UR-44 for MIDI In and of course the output routing on such tracks would be the VST instrument itself.

If an Instrument Track works, but a MIDI Track does not seem to play anything on the XP-50, you very likely have to configure the MIDI Channels on that track AND XP-50. I do no know how much you understand about MIDI, but MIDI Channels effectively divides the MIDI Port/cable into 16 virtual mini cables. :slight_smile:

So whichever MIDI Channel you select in Cubase, the XP-50 has to be listening on, in order for it to properly react to MIDI messages.

Even though the MIDI Ports come in pairs (In/Out) you need to consider them as separate pipes. This is because one cable is not bi-directional, like say a USB cable.

So again, what you send from your XP-50, is transmitted to Cubase, and it in turn re-routes the messages depending on what is selected and how tracks and other items are configured inside of Cubase.

thanks again for your help - the problem is that I did exactly what you wrote, and I still have this problem - no sound - only signals…

thanks anyway - I really appreciate you trying to help…!

Is there an indication led (light) on the XP-50 that shows if it is receiving MIDI data? (Often there is a little round or square led light somewhere on the synthesizer/sampler.)

no indication led (light) in my XP-50 - but never before I saw an indication on the XP-50 - only in cubase. Before I used to play with my M-Audio card which was connected in the same routing as now and it was working perfectly.
I can play VST instrument such as Halion from my XP-50 which is included in the Cubase AI-7 but I can’t use my XP-50 separately and to get the sounds from my XP-50.

only now I have solved the problem with the help of the store I have purchased the UR-44 from -

the problem was that I should have plug my keyboard to the UR-44 into inputs 1/2 on the front of the UR-44 instead of inputs 3,4, which I used for my Condenser + in order to have sound from playing from my keyboard it is necessary to open on cubase not only a midi track but also an audio track which must be on monitor enable. It is very strange - before I used M-audio (sound card) and cubase SX and I didn’t have to open an audio track in order to have sound - only midi track and it was working. Anyway, I am happy the problem was solved finally…

Sounds totally insane that you have to connect it to input 1 and 2. What if I have two mikes in 1/2 and a keyboard in 3/4 then I can only record the mike’s?

I’m having the same issue here… Connected a synth to the inputs on the back and can’t get it to sound in cubase 8? Have added the busses under devices but nothing sounds… The sync starts the tb3 and it’s going through a mixer and then in the back of the ur 44.

Works fine in studio one and logic but cubase won’t sound.

hey, Ive been working on a track for a few days now, everthing worked just fine but today i cant hear the sound of one of the midi channels i made, i cant find the resone, can anyone help me please?