No midi via MOTU 128

Terrible day. 1st something happened where one of my 3 cascading FireStudio Projects was red light and not recognized and it took more than an hour to get all 3 working again. Had to reinstall the Universal Controller and all the names tracks related to were changed. I started following cords for hours to see how everything was connected again and had to rename song assignments to hear tracks again. But now there were no midi playable tracks. Everything said missing, PKs, TX81z, Z8 etc. In midi device manager installed devices were listed as missing. I disconnected and reconnected, restarted Cubase and now all inputs remain missing and there is nothing showing to rename as before in device manager.

Lack of OS info :
Firstly if on Windows i would check in the device manager to make sure your Motu is list as available midi , IF NOT unplug the 128 and reconnect ( while powered on ) and you should see the Motu install in the device manager while it’s open .
If you have updated plugins ,some venders plugins Can, or might knock out midi communication , i’ve had this a few times but simply disconnecting and reconnecting the Motu’s solves the issue every time

I thought I had done all that yesterday, to no avial. But after shutting everything off for the night, and turning the system back on today, I was happy to find that the problem was ended and the MOTU was back.