no midi with focusrite clarett 8pre

I accidentally unplugged my focusrite claretr 8pre while my computer was on and Cubase was running, and now I have no midi in. I downloaded the Clarett drivers but no luck. Anybody else have this problem?
After spending hours and hours trying to figure it out, including 2 sessions with apple tech support, my friend Tyler Knowles hit on the solution. He told me to make a new user, and when I did the computer scanned for devices, found the Clarett, and lo and hold the Clarett driver appeared in the Apple midi studio, and the midi works. When I went back to my original user the midi still works, problem solved. By the way the Clarett driver was always there, the computer just could not find it. I hope this saves someone some time and aggravation.

Hi Paul,

Glad you managed to find a solution.

As I mentioned in another thread you had posted in, we have a beta version of Focusrite Control available which improves MIDI detection:

If the problem occurs again, please install the above beta.

I hope this helps, if you require any further assistance please get in touch:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support