No Mixer Window 4.2

Since upgrading to 4.2 I don’t have a mixer window anymore. Using F3 or clicking on the mixer icon on the top of the screen does not open the mixer. I am using Windows 11 and I have the Dorico Icon on the task bar. Hovering over the Dorico Icon shows the Dorico window and a blank white window labelled mixer but it won’t open. Also in Play, I have faders in the mixer section but no sends or inserts. In the Track Inspector it does show the insert slots and channel fader. I don’t know if this is a problem with my system or a bug. I still have 3.5 installed and the mixer is correct.

Thanks for any help

I have this problem too in multi screen configuration with window 11.
As a workaround, try to move the mouse to the Dorico icon in the task bar, then right-clik on the mixer window and select full screen.

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I have a more serious problem. The window is white. Right clicking only allows me to close it. no full screen option


Is there instead of the Maximize the Move item that you can choose? If so try that and then use the up/down/left/right keys to move the window. Maybe the window has slipped off-screen and by moving you can bring it back into the visible area.

I wonder whether you also find that there are other windows that open blank in Dorico 4? We have had a couple of other reports of this problem, e.g. in this thread:

I have the same problem with the comment window.

I guess it occurs when I first launch Dorico in a two monitors configuration, and then I disconnect the second monitor and select add comment

If I reconnect the second monitor the window is displayed correctly.

The comment window and the Manage instrument window work fine. Disconnecting my second monitor didn’t make a difference either. Internally the mixer is working. I have older sessions which use sends and reverb, I just can’t make any changes. I attached a diagnostic report if it’s any help

Dorico (3.9 MB)

Can you send us a Windows system report, generated via msinfo32?

No problem. How to I get it to you? Is it safe to past that here on the forum?

It is safe, but if you prefer, you can email it to me directly at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

This fix worked for me, thanks