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Hi, I tried VST connect for the first time today and had very little success. One problem is that I cannot get the mixer page to become active. It remains blanked out. The performer reported a big latency and thus we were unable to record anything.

Any tips gratefully received.

For latency issues, pls read the manual. Do not use the monitor buttons on Performer tracks, you can always hear the Performer via the VST Connect Monitor plugin situated in the Control Room Master section, it is installed by the “Create VST Connect” function and doesn’t offer or require any editing. What the Performer hears is controlled by the VST Connect Cue sends. If you aren’t familiar with sends, always use the “Create Performer Track” function for any track that the performer should hear, as this sets up the cue sends as required. We suggest to familiarize yourself with the Cubase/Nuendo manual Control Room section.
If the mixer is invisible, re-open the VST Connect plugin window. This issue will be fixed with upcoming versions.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried again for a couple of hours today and still no luck. Couldn’t count how many new projects I’ve opened or how many times I’ve restarted VST Connect…

Haven’t got to the latency issues yet because of this.

I’m very familiar with Control Room.



Well then, what do you do?
As recommended ever so often: create Empty project, use “Create VST Connect”. Then do a test with the Performer.
Do not do anything else like adding plugins, make sure to have no own plugins in the control room (they may cause latency issues).
Can you hear him or her? When recording on the Performer track that was created, is it in sync?

If it still doesn’t work, we need to know what you do and what the actual problem is, “still no luck” is not sufficient to enable us to help. Thanks for your patience!

Again thanks for the reply.

As per my previous post I have started many new projects and started VST Connect numerous times.

Yes I can see and hear the performer but the mixer page remains blank.

Believe it or not I like reading manuals and getting things right so I have tried to follow the instructions to the letter.

I will persevere and report further…


can you please send me a mail? I need some more deep details to help you. m.spork (at)

Thank you very much,