No Monitor while reccording in track

This has happened to me a couple of times before and has fixed itself, how I don’t know. I have a project I would love to hear the guitar effects while recording. I have the monitor in the track set to on and the signal is coming through and will record but I cannot hear the effects of the patch I chose from my Amplitude2 plugin. It will playback with effects but I cannot hear while recording. Most of the time I’ve had no problem with this but something seems to have changed in the settings because I opened some older projects where I knew I had been able to hear the effect before and nothing seems to be coming through. Any ideas would be appreciated.

CubaseSX3 - Yea I know, I’m scare to upgrade just yet. Windows XP Professional. Motu 828. Intel Core 2 Quad. 3.1.

Ok I found the solution without help from other posts. Direct Monitoring was checked, so I simply unchecked it. :laughing: