No monitoring the FX when recording

Hi to all. In Cubase 11 Pro on a new audio track, as an example when I want to record a guitar with an FX insert like the Line 6 Helix or even the presets of the Steinberg guitar presets program and turn on the monitor (that little speaker) all I hear is the guitar clean without FX. The FX sounds in the playback. The point is to listen to the sound as it is the moment I record to feel what I am playing. I also have the Cubase 8 Pro. There is no problem there, everything works perfectly … Is it a problem in the Cubase 11 Pro or something is missing me.

Thank you very much and I am waiting for an answer.

are you using direct monitoring ?

Yes I use direct monitoring. I tried all possible connections. my sound card is RME Fireface 400 in Windows 10 processor i9 / 64 Gb memory. Sory for my poor English…

no problem - turn off Direct Monitoring :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and advice I will try it and I will come back

it will be switched off in cubase 8 :slight_smile:

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. Everything works perfectly. I spent the whole day looking for a solution while it was so simple. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: