No more dongle!

Just got Cubase 12. Wonderful. Dorico 4 is wonderful. I have pulled my USB dongle. Just like having a bad tooth extracted! It’s great.

Thank you to the Steinberg team for your fantastic hard work.


Now, let’s wait for VSL to leave that dongle… :pray:

Indeed. One of the reasons I don’t buy Vienna Instruments (apart from the price… :laughing:) is the requirement for a dongle.

when last I heard, VSL were planing to move to some version if iLok. That doesn’t need a dongle either though I hope it will be server-based as my EWQL choirs libraries are currently licensed to the hard drive which is not really ideally secure. Vienna Instruments are quite expensive but there are frequent sales and I don’t think you get less for your money than with, say, Orchestral Tools.

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