No more encodings?

I have just formatted my pc i reinstalled cubase and everything for musicmaking again. When using cubase 9.040 wich is my latest version, everything is fine except that when i want to export an audiomixdown to mp3 it tells me no more encodings.
There is a window popping up to ask if i want to go to go to the online shop but i dont do that. Anyway cubase make my mp3 anyway so its not a big problem. But this was not showing up before formatting. OK , then some friends came and wanted to record a song here and i helped them with it. They have different tempos in the song so i wanted to try to add an time signature track. It went fine til i wanted to export again. When i disable the time signature song it took about 2 minutes to make an mp3 (same stupid mess again ofcourse) but when i then enable the time signature track it says it takes 2 hours!!! to make this mp3. I havent used time signature ever so maybe i do something wrong. Is there anyone who can help me with any of my 2 problem here? 1. No more encodings or 2. Time signature track enable takes huge time to export

Which version of Cubase, Pro, Artist, Elements?

On the older versions of Elements (and Artist?) there used to be a limited number of mp3 encodings, sounds like this warning is associated with that even though you shouldn’t get it with the current versions of a Cubase. License confusion maybe.

Have you tried running maintenance on your Licenses in the eLC?

I have pro version. No i havent tried the maintenance yet. I ill giv it a try tomorrow and see if it helps. Thanks for your reply

I have now tried to make a maintenance on my pc but nothing changed. still got that stupid message :frowning:

Im having the same problem. I made a fresh install of OSX sierra and reinstalled Cubase 9.5 latest build (im checking daily hoping!) and I cannot export MP3, same message. I have my ilok in, it should recognize i have pro version (for many years)
Macbook Pro, late 2015 2.8g/16g, 24 core UAD system, OSX High Sierra (latest PR build), Cubase Pro 9.5

Today i updated cubase 9.040 to cubase 9.530. It updated cubase and made a new directory. So now i have 2 cubase installed :slight_smile: cubase 9.040 and cubase 9.530 in different directories. Encoding problem dissapered in the new version. I still dont know why i had encodingspoblem suddenly in my older cubase. unfortunately i forgot to try to encode with the old cubase now, but when i will enter the studio again i will try.

Updating from 9 to 9.5 means you have a new license. This may be the reason the problem has gone away. If this is the reason I’d expect there to be no problem with your 9.0.40 installation either any more…however, you never know!

Glad it’s sorted for the new 9.5.30 anyway. :slight_smile: