No more Glitches or Drop Outs

This only worked for me and my current music gear

I am running Cubase 13 pro with Vst instruments from Audi modeling (SWAM and Hofa effects) and the focusrite 18i8 at 256 buffers. My Yamaha Genos midi keyboard. The Roland AE-30 Pro when controller.
I was able to lower my buffers from 512 to 256 while monitoring F12. I noticed a huge change and never got to the peak level.

My Dell Bios v2.15.1

I did research a link from Steinberg in how to change the Bios settings (Windows 10 or 11) to avoid the above title.

After making the suggestive changes I had zero dropouts and glitches which amazed me

The link is below:

It is always to your advantage to go to the Bios Settings being the very first foundation level for everything that happens with your computer. Just my humble opinion others may differ. just a reminder this worked for my recording gear in my studio. Good luck with the link and may it resolve all of those problems above.

Alan Russell

FYI: With my i9-14900K system, disabling all the CPU optimization things in the BIOS caused pretty bad behavior in Cubase.

While the solution may be temporary or incomplete, I’ve gotten better results from using Process Lasso to alter a few task priorities and CPU affinities.

My recommendation is to try any of these changes one at a time, keep decent notes, and do some Cubase performance testing to PROVE that individual change was an actual improvement. It’s much too easy to get lost in “try this” and lose track of all the changes.