No more "Import to Instrument Tracks" option in Cubase 7??


As you may know we have to disable “Import to Instrument Tracks” option at preferences - midi - midi file in order to be able to use Stylus RMX drag n drop feature (else it is not possible to import Stylus midi to project).

But now in Cubase 7 there is no option like “Import to Instrument Tracks” and I cannot drag and drop from Stylus anymore. What should I do?


Does Preferences>MIDI File>Import Options>Destination not do it for you?

unfortunately it doesn’t…

Well, I don’t know what to say, other than “It’s working here”…
Destination= MIDI Tracks, and option “Auto Dissolve Format 0” deactivated.

Thanks for the help vic_france, I’ll try it again.