No more MIDI CC output with VST3 Plugins ?

According to the tests i did inside Nuendo 8.3.20, Midi CC output is not working for VST plugins.

Seems to be related to the 64 bits version of Cubase / Nuendo. This was working with 32 bits versions, according to this thread :

Is it the same for Nuendo 10.1 ?

how to reproduce :

  • Use a VST plugin with Midi output, for example DP meter pro. Then activate a midi output in the plugin, for example RMS level.

  • Create a midi track

  • Select the plugin midi output as the midi input for this track.

  • Put the track in record mode

result : no midi signal is entering the midi track as it should be.

VST plugins with MIDI outputs are quite rare, but this capability can be very useful, for example to send a level metering on a control surface LED strip or as an input for a VST compressor midi control.

I did try that in another 64 bits DAW where it’s working.

Did i miss something or is there a bug here inside Cubase / Nuendo not fixed since a long time ?

After more tests i did find that VST2 plugins MIDI output is working inside Nuendo 8.3.20 !

Only VST3 plugins midi output do not work.

For this test i did use the same plugin in VST2 and VST3 versions.

So there is a VST3 bug inside Nuendo x64 8.3.20 regarding MIDI output.

Could someone test this inside Nuendo 10.1, to see if this bug is still here ? If it is i will open a bug report.

After more investigations it’s not a bug it’s a limitation of the VST3 standard until version 3.6.12 (2018/12/03) of the VST3 SDK.

Version 3.6.12 add again support for MIDI CC output that was available previously inside the VST2 standard and had been dropped.

From the VST3 SDK release notes for version 3.6.12 (2018/12/03) :

Interfaces Changes:

New LegacyMIDICCOutEvent (Plug-in): allow a Plug-in to generate MIDI CC as output event.

So the VST3 plugin need to be updated to this SDK version level to get Midi CC Ouput.