No more midi input recognized by Cubase 13 PRO

Hello everyone.

There you go, I have Cubase 13 Pro, upgraded from C12 pro and up to date with the latest version 13.0.10. I’ve been working with it for several days without any problem but this morning, none of my lunch inputs are working. I have an RME Multiface card and a Motu Midi Express 128. The inputs and outputs are clearly visible in the studio/MIDI ports configuration but none seem to receive data either from the Motu (USB connection to the PC) or from the RME (connection via dedicated FW card) while it works in Acid Pro (I created a MIDI track and my keyboard acts correctly on it).

In addition, my BCF2000 in Mackie Control mode no longer works at all either and nothing happens when I click on the notes on the piano roll keyboard whereas if I create NOTES events with the pencil and start playback from the container, the notes are played well… incomprehensible!!!

Also, I uninstalled the motu drivers, deleted the device in Windows and reinstalled everything (including the latest Cubase update) without it changing anything (nb. it still works in Acid)… .

I ended up opening a project with C12 (which fortunately I had not uninstalled) and there is no problem, whether it is the Motu, the RME or the BCF2000 (nor the piano roll)…

Have you encountered this problem; Do you have any avenues of investigation?

thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In this case, I would try to remove/rename Cubase 13 preferences folder.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Hi Martin.
I thank you for your answer.
I don’t have exactly the same path on my Windows PC :
C:\Users\Gil\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64
Do I have to rename the entire folder (wich it has 9 sub folders and really a lot of files) ?
Thank you in advance


Rename just the Cubase 13_64 folder, please.

I did that and It’s now OK !
Thanks a lot
Best regards

That’s quite the typo! Visions of the RME with many mouths chomping away without their lunch.

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Omg ; sorry for the typo :slight_smile:

What name did you use to rename the Cubase13_64 folder? I’m having the same issue.

It does not matter. The idea is that once the folder is renamed, Cubase can’t find it next time you launch Cubase and will create a new folder with all new default settings. You could also delete this entire folder and it would have the same effect but by renaming it instead, you have a path to go back with all your settings and preferences if you so choose. Another option is to move the folder to a different location, such as your desktop e.g.
Remember to rename/move/delete this folder only when Cubase is not running.


Not really. If you would use Cubase 13_64_whatever, Cubase might recognize it as the preferences folder. In fact, this plays role when migrating the preferences to the newer Cubase version. So if you would rename Cubase 12_64 to Cubase 12_64_OLD, Cubase 13, would take these preferences.

So the best way is to change the name ahead of the Cubase name. I’m using:
current_date Cubase 13_64, for example: 2024_04_04 Cubase 13_64.

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Thanks Martin! I did not know this.

Ah, I get it. So I guess there would be no point in saving my preferences somewhere on a different drive, deleting the Cubase _64 folder, restart Cubase and bring my old preferences back in, because that would just introduce the problem again, correct?

It depends if the issue does in fact come from corrupted preferences.
In any case, just renaming the folder is easier in case you wish to get them back. I also thing, but perhaps @Martin.Jirsak can confirm, that if it does solve your problem, the issue most likely lies in the Defaults.xml file, meaning you could try and restore all the other files if so happens to be the case.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll just move the folder to my desktop and see what happens. if I recall, I think I’ve seen this kind of fix in older, older posts, like in C6. You would think that Steinberg would have addressed this a long time ago. How does a folder become corrupt from an update from C12 to C13??? Seriously!!! Are we as musicians seriously expected to innately know how to fix these issues? If it wasn’t for other users who have a background in programming, I’d be lost half the time.

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I’m not sure if this thread is still live, but the only thing that needs to be renamed is 'user preferences’ inside the Cubase 13_64 folder. It’s a bit misleading to state that the Cubase 13_64 folder has to be renamed, as I suspect that might cause issues.
I just now was driven to find this as I could not get my MIDI controller to be recognized by Cubase.
This has been an ongoing problem for a long time that Steinberg (owned by Yamaha) has refused to adequately address with any degree of transparency. I’ve been with Cubase since version 4.5 back in 2009, and that’s like the dawn of time.
Collapse is ongoing.