No more new lanes

Somehow Nuendo 5.5.2 doesn’t make new lanes anymore when recording new takes. It just keeps recording over the last one even though it’s in Lanes mode. Takes are in there, but now I have to move them to another lane myself. What did I do wrong or is this a bug?


Can you check your settings on the Tranposrt panel? In the Record Mode section, you can set, what to do in the Cycle mode record. You can specify different settings both for MIDI and Audio. Set Keep History for the Lanes.


Yes, I checked that out and it was Keep History, like before (never touched it). The problem disappeared when I moved to another part of the song and started recording lanes for the same track. Odd, but now it works!

I have noticed a bit of odd behaviour when recording in lanes - might be related to this. Sometimes N5.5 creates a new lane each time you drop into record, and sometimes it stays on the lowest lane, overlapping what’s already there. I can see no rhyme or reason for this, it seems random.

I have seen the same behavior. The update to fix the lanes problems can’t come soon enough for me.